Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Apple Pie Debaucle #1

Oh dear. I think I only have 24 days left until the Apple Pie Baking Contest and I have yet to test run a pie.

These are things I have learned so far: Do not try to make your very first pie crust ever with your 1 1/2 year old son hanging on your leg while you are talking on the phone. I was trying to multi-task (being the card carrying super mom I am) and I found myself trying to read from a cookbook, blabbing on the phone with a friend (hey Danielle) and entertaining my son while adding ingredients to my food processor.

More things I have learned: I am not the best at multi-tasking.

During the key moments of pie crust making where you need to decide if the dry ingredients need more wet or if everything is just right, I flaked (I think there is an intentional pun here as an apology for a future pie crust that isn't). I handed the kid my measuring spoons, pressed pulse a few more times and probably added too much water while agreeing that it is not my job to decide for others in my household to join or not join something called my dad and me. If only I had simultaneously listed a few things on Ebay, this could have turned into a more promising exercise.

Currently, there are two balls of raw pie crust in my refrigerator. During a certain toddler's nap tomorrow, I expect to be slicing apples, mixing sugar and cinnamon and having the smells of warm apple pie greet my family when they return home.

Who's up for a slice? I am taking reservations now. I know I've got Julie and Audra down for a slice each, I just need another 1 or 2 guinea pigs, I mean volunteers for this pie.

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Julie S said...

Yes, you should do me and my dad. We are. And multi tasking while making a crust is a no no. Tell the boy you are busy and try again.